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What is Radon?
  • Odorless, tasteless, and colourless
  • Naturally occurring radioactive gas
  • Produced by the decay of uranium
  • During decay alpha particles are given off
  • Inhalation of particles damages lungs.

How does Radon get into a home?
  • Exposed soil or rock in crawlspaces
  • Cracks or flaws in foundation walls
  • Around utility penetrations and support posts
  • Hollow objects such as support posts
  • Cracks or flaws in floor slab
  • Floor drains and sumps
  • Floor and wall joints
  • Cracks through the blocks or along mortar joints
  • Missing mortar between blocks
  • Unclosed voids at the top of exterior walls
  • Unclosed voids at the top of interior block walls which penetrate the floor slab
  • Pores in the face of blocks

Why should we pay attention?
  • Health Canada estimates 1,900 lung cancer deaths per year are related to radon
  • We spend more time indoors, including basements
  • Tighter buildings
  • Some geographical areas are known for high risk of radon in the ground
  • Health Canada reduced the permissible Canadian Action Level from 800 Bq/m3 to 200 Bq/m3

How can Radon be measured?
  • Health Canada radon test - minimum 1 month during heating season (average annual limit at or less than 200 Bq/m3
  • Testing for codes - not possible during construction - not enforceable at time of construction - not practical/economical for builders
  • Responsibility to test rests with owner
Recommendations for Basic Protection:
  • Air barriers for below-ground walls
  • Polyethylene soil gas barrier required under slab
  • All penetrations (mostly pipes) sealed
  • Sump pit cover required to be airtight
  • Air-seal for floor drains
  • Air-seal hollow masonry
  • Seal slab perimeter
  • Consistent requirements for ground cover

More info on Radon and the new national codes...

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