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Why do I need to visit the showroom?
In the showroom you can touch and feel the products and in some cases, even test them out. If you are a new home buyer, it is important for you to visit the showroom so that any changes you make are suitable to your building plan and can be properly communicated to your builder.

How far in advance should I book an appointment?
If you want to come in on a weeknight, you may need to book two weeks in advance. Our showroom closes on the weekend. For a weekday booking, usually only 48 hours notice is required.

How long will a showroom visit last?
If you are selecting fixtures for a new home, your visit will usually last 1 - 2 hours.
For a renovation, you should plan on spending 1 — 1.5 hours in the showroom.

What should I bring with me?
If you are a new home buyer, please bring your updated plans, project schedule, and builder information.

If you are doing a renovation, please bring any drawings your renovator has supplied you.

If you are updating fixtures in your existing home, please bring notes about the space they will occupy and any existing elements that will need to be considered (ie. Do you require a 4?or 8?on centre faucet)

What do we do when we get to the showroom?
First, you need to check in with the showroom hostess. (If you are coming in the evening, just take the elevator to the second floor to get to the showroom.)
The hostess will quickly review you account details with you and then you will be seated in the lounge to fill out a short questionnaire before you are joined by your showroom consultant.

Why do I need a showroom consultant?
Our consultants are professionals who are well versed in new home construction, renovations, and who are trained on all the products we carry. Your showroom consultant will help you navigate the many products on display in our showroom and will steer you towards the products that best match your style and budget.