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2-1/8" Fully Glazed Trapway
High-Eficiency Toilet (HET) with Powerful 1.28 gpf/4.8 lpf Flush
Powered by the 3" HydroSurge™ Flushing System
Flushes 1,000 grams of solids
8" x 7" Water Surface
Extra-Large Footprint
Ideal Height™ A.D.A. Compliant - 16-1/2" High
Lifetime Warranty on Vitreous China
High-Gloss Vitreous China - Durable, Nonporou
  • 2-1/8" Fully Glazed Trapway - Passes a 2" Ball
  • Dual-Flush, High-Eff iciency Toilet (HET) with Powerful 1.6 gpf/6.0 lpf Flush and 1.1 gpf/4.0 lpf Flush
  • Flushes 600 grams of solids
  • Equipped with Pilot Valve
  • Lifetime Warranty on Vitreous China
  • High-Gloss Vitreous China - Durable, Nonporous
Designed for the Canadian climate; the Freedom series of solar heating appliances are the simplest systems on the market today. The Freedom Series Solar Hot Water Heater benefits the homeowner and the environment. 

  • The Freedom Series will significantly reduce your utility bills.
  • The environment will have a reduction of CO2 emissions equivalent to taking 1 car off the road.
  • You will be, and be seen as, doing "What is right for the environment and your kids"
  • Using solar thermal evacuated tube technology, these systems can boil water when it is -40C outside.
  • Do not require any utility power to operate and any user intervention to function. These systems are very reliable and vitrually maintenance free.
UP15-10 Pump & Valve - suitable for retro-fitting hot water recirculation into homes without requiring extra piping.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Emissions
  • Life Expectancy
  • It reduces chlorine taste and odor
  • Improves the quality of your drinking water.
  • There is a built-in, self-cleaning whole-house filter meaning that there are no cartridges to change.
  • The 950 offers whole-house softening.
The incomparable Evolution Excel is as stylish as it is capable, taking the art and science of food waste disposal to a new level. It handles more volume, more foods, and more challenges than anything that preceded it while cutting noise levels by at least 60% over standard disposers. Its three-stage grind technology allows you to grind almost any food waste. Honeywell's breakthrough TrueSTEAM Humidification System can ensure that your home and family are getting the right amount of moisture. Decorative, high profile two piece toilet. Dual flush (1.6 GPF / 0.9 GPF) performance option to allow apporiate water usage. Tank cover, fittings, chrome plated push button, less seat.

  • Elongated skirted design, two piece toilet.
  • Dual-Max® Flushing System.
  • Push button style flush option.
  • Upgrade with an Oval SoftClose® seat.
  • Large, 2-1/8" fully glazed trapway.

"Hybritherm Technology is the environmentally responsible home heating solution. We created a single complete solution for space and water heating leveraging the worlds best proven technologies into ONE system, giving you unprecedented efficiencies and comfort. The combining of Lower Energy Bills, Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Extended Life Span make Hybritherm unstoppable!" - Conematic Heating System Inc.