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Let us join together to create a win-win for our environment!

“… letting your faucet run for 5 minutes uses as much energy as a 60watt light bulb running for 14 hours!”
US Environmental Protection Agency
Canyon Plumbing & Heating Ltd is proud to be Going Green! Since 1978 the Chupik family and their dedicated staff have always strived to “raise the bar” in residential plumbing and heating techniques. In today’s economy and with the state of our environment we at Canyon have found some sustainable solutions that will not only help you save money while conveniently enhancing your lifestyle, but will also help protect our planet as well! It is time for plumbing to be the solution and not the problem!

Water efficiency, not conservation! A delicate balance…

Water has many house hold jobs to do and at Canyon we always pursue the balance between water efficiency and water conservation. This means that we like to keep the water working for you, not against you! We guide ourselves on the principal that we are providing you sustainable solutions while managing your expectation level at the same time. Thus giving you the performance and a favorable experience that your family deserves and requires. For instance, there is no reason to purchase a low flow shower head that does not do an adequate job of rinsing shampoo out of your hair. We feel that if you do not like the shower head then it will end up in the land fill site, thus being replaced by another shower head! What a waste.

With new low flow technology and new efficiency standards being on the forefront of the media today please feel free to ask our staff which products are available to create a balanced, well managed and sustainable household.

(The Dangers of going too low! - Coming Soon!)

Being Green - Should make you feel good!

When you click through our Going Green website we ask that you do some personal research about the product offerings that we suggest. We urge you to only purchase Green items that make you feel good and confident about your choices. Also pick items that you feel you and your family would use regularly enough so that you can reward yourself and our environment with some monetary payback! There is no use buying something if you are not going to use it, think of the embodied energy* required to produce one roll of toilet paper, an automobile or how much it costs to maintain our landfills! The answers may shock you!

Please look at purchasing Green Products as a smart way of investing! Not only do you lower your monthly bills you will also be lowering your homes carbon footprint by consuming less energy and water. Less consumption of water equals less energy which affects your pocket book and our planet!

Green products can provide you with the latest technology and operational luxuries that start paying you back from the moment they are installed! Knowing that you are in control of your green destiny and that you are saving money should feel great!

Education - If we only knew!

Ultimately educated decisions such as water saving tips will give you piece of mind and a sense of empowerment that will structure your habits into sustainable everyday water saving solutions. While educating yourself is #1 to maintaining water efficiency please remember to consider the balance and extra savings that green products can achieve! For example if you purchase dual flush toilets and realize that the toilets represent 30% of your in home water use, plus you follow our tip Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Dispose of tissues, insects and other similar waste in the trash rather than the toilet. Your family will lower water and sewer bill and our environment will “thank you!”

Please review our
tips and tricks section to learn how you can do your part today! We ask that you invite your family take some time to share, discuss and practice these green habits.

We at Canyon would be honored if you used www.canyonplumbing.com as your green resource.


Green is nothing to be scared of and these statements below represent a lot of our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that customers ask our staff. Please take the time to review.

(Embodied energy refers to the quantity of energy required to manufacture, and supply to the point of use, a product, material or service.)